7 films about soccer stars: from the most important to the most unexpected

For all those who do not have enough world championship broadcasts, we compiled the most comprehensive guide of films about soccer.

None of even the most beautiful goal or match will not be discussed as actively as another trick of a soccer star. A bright game will be discussed for a couple of days, but to argue about whether Cristiano Ronaldo was gay, how to punish Luis Suarez for biting the opponent and whether Maradona was friendly with the Neapolitan mafia, for weeks, if not years.

“Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos”, 2006

once in a lfietime

The story of the loud ascension and impetuous decline of the New York Cosmos soccer club, one of the main American sports franchises of the 70s, where all the stars played at the time – Franz Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Giorgio Kinalia – and, most importantly, the soccer king Pele. “New York Cosmos” was more like a rock band with all the attributes of a luxurious life inherent to it: fans, limousines, connections with the Mafia, Mick Jagger and Mohammed Ali, who enter the team’s locker room after the match. The film about the first novel of Americans with soccer is built on archive frames, interviews with former players and people involved in the club (Pele himself, by the way, among them there). As one of the heroes of the film says: “New York Cosmos” is both the best and worst that happened with soccer in the US “.

“Maradona”, 2008


A documentary film in which the director Kusturica confesses to the love of Diego Maradona, one of the main players in history. The key word here, unfortunately, it is visible and heard more in the picture than the Argentinean. The attitude of the director to the hero is apologetic, Maradona is idealized, and none of the dark sides of his career is particularly criticized. While the heroes are discussing almost all the slippery moments of the soccerer’s biography – and friendship with Fidel Castro, and links with the mafia, and drug problems.

“Zidane: Portrait of the 21st Century” (Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle), 2006
zidane 21st century

The film was based on a documentary record of one of the last matches of Zinedine Zidane for Madrid “Real”. Scotsman Douglas Gordon (a contemporary artist, a member of the Young British Artists movement) made from her video art rather than a traditional documentary film: the entire game on Zidane was aimed at 17 cameras that shot him regardless of whether he was with the ball, went drinking water or tied his shoelaces. Titers to shoot are excerpts from the interview of the soccer player, and the soundtrack for the picture was recorded by the Scottish row-band Mogwai. A small spoiler: in the final, Zidane gets a red card.

“The Damned United”, 2009

damned united

Perhaps the best feature film about soccer, “The Damned United” is the story of 44 days spent by Brian Clough at the helm of the Leeds club, the legendary English soccer team of the 70s. In the center of the plot – the fiasco of his protagonist, later – one of the most titled coaches in the history of English soccer. A year later, the director of the movie, Tom Hooper, will remove “King says!” And will receive an “Oscar” for him.

“Looking for Eric”, 2009

looking for eric

The film of the British classic sharp-social movie about how the entangled 43-year-old postman from Manchester in his visions is the former Manchester United star Eric Cantona and shares his wisdom and rich life experience with him. Cantona himself not only played, but also produced the film. The first for many years, the work of Loach with a star (not cinema one, but soccer).

“United. Munich tragedy”, 2011

united 1958

The film tells about the events around the famous air crash in 1958, in which eight players of the club Manchester United were killed. They were called “Baby Busby” and are still remembered as one of the most talented generations of young players in the history of English soccer. “United” is a television film of the BBC channel, with a small budget for the artistic film (2 million pounds), so it is made soundly, but without scope. In the title role – David Tennant, who played the 10th reincarnation of Doctor Who in the eponymous show and plays online games on his free time. If you do too, you can click here because keeping the tears at the end of this movie will be difficult, even if you do not over stand for Manchester. Hence, some fun games after watching can be helpful.

“The Class of 92”, 2013

class of 92

A documentary film about the golden generation of Manchester United players (Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Butt and the Neville brothers), graduated from the club’s academy in 1992. Soccer, friendship and fame are the three main leitmotifs of the film. Among the memories to which the club’s former stars are joking, are details of the rite of the initiation of the newcomers, which, according to their stories, included, for example, public masturbation in the locker room.