Best Surprising and Shocking moments that happened during soccer

Soccer has always been one of the most famous sports giving us entertainment, happiness, sadness, anger, funny moments, drama and much more. Over the history of soccer, there have been many surprising and shocking moments. We have compiled a list of surprising and shocking moments in soccer:


Anyone who watched the World Cup 2006 in Berlin would remember the iconic moment of Zidane’sheadbutt. During the extra time, Materazzi provoked Zidane by talking about his sister who was revealed later. Zidane got angry at Materazzi and headbutted him. This is still one of the most remembered and talked about moments in the history of soccer.

Munich Disaster:

The Munich Disaster is one of the most shocking and disastrous moments in the history of soccer. The Manchester United team after a match in Munich were on their way home when the plane crashed while attempting to take off. The majority of the United team died along with crew or staff members and few journalists. It was a sad moment for football fans all over the world, especially for the Red Devils.

Cantona’s kick:

Manchester United’s player Eric Cantona kicking one of the opposing team’s fan is still one of the most remembered moments in the history of BPL. One of the Crystal Player fans shouted abusive words at Cantona after he was sent off. Angry Cantona immediately went and kicked the fan leading to a sentence of two weeks imprisonment and ban from playing football for eight months.

Bosnich’s salute:

In 1996, during a match between Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa’s goalkeeper made a Nazi salute towards Tottenham fans which ignited fury and anger among the fans. For those who don’t know, Tottenham has a Jewish history. The fury did not end even after the game. Eventually, Bosnich apologised and mentioned his ignorance.

Gabon air disaster:

During the World Cup qualifications match in 1993, the Zambia team was on their way when the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of the team passed away along with some of their staffs. It was a sad moment for the country and the fans. The team was a promising one doing well in the qualifications match when they were struck by this disaster.

Euro 2004:

The world of soccer was surprised when Greece entered the finals to play with Portugal. Everyone was expecting the leading teams Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy to win. Even during the finals, everyone was surprised when Greece beat Portugal to win the cup. It was indeed a moment of ‘you never know what will happen in soccer’.

Suarez’s bites:

Suarez was already known for biting his opponent players twice before the World Cup in 2014. He was banned, and a lot of viewers were expecting him to be more careful after the bans. However, he surprised everyone when he bit Giorgio Chiellini, the defender of Italy. He has banned again for four months.

There are much more shocking moments however we have put these seven on our list.