Soccer vs. Ice Hockey – An objective view

The eternal topic: soccer is better than hockey I perfectly understand that each has his own. I perfectly understand that a person can like even to contemplate spectacular battles of curling. To each his own! But soccer, being the most popular sport in the world, is just full of total idiocy. I decided to write […]

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Football fans. Who we are?

These years there has been a lot of talk about communities and belonging. Mostly from overseas. Especially since the election of Donald Trump as a president of the United States. There is very little middle ground now. You are either with them, or with us.   However here in UK, football fans have been living in […]

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Best Surprising and Shocking moments that happened during soccer

Soccer has always been one of the most famous sports giving us entertainment, happiness, sadness, anger, funny moments, drama and much more. Over the history of soccer, there have been many surprising and shocking moments. We have compiled a list of surprising and shocking moments in soccer: Zidane’sheadbutt: Anyone who watched the World Cup 2006 […]

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