Soccer vs. Ice Hockey – An objective view

The eternal topic: soccer is better than hockey

I perfectly understand that each has his own. I perfectly understand that a person can like even to contemplate spectacular battles of curling. To each his own! But soccer, being the most popular sport in the world, is just full of total idiocy. I decided to write about this.

It’s clear that being on the hockey resource, I can say: “Hockey is better than soccer because the puck is more beautiful than the ball,” and at the same time everyone will support me, but I will try to be objective.

All you need to know

anji terek

However, to speak now about our ugly team, a gathering of nihilists led by Arshavin and other filth that is now audible in every corner, I will not do it. Let’s talk about soccer in principle. I was always irritated by excessive attention to soccer in our country. Excessive propaganda on TV, while hockey is given too little attention. It was terrible when, instead of the chic passions of the playoff matches, the KHL showed a repeat of the match “Anji” – “Terek”.

However, you can understand television. Our people (I will still call them affectionately) are very fond of soccer, and no one will care that in hockey we are number one power, and in soccer number 125. Since sport is popular, at least cricket can be shown.

Prove me wrong

But now I have reached the boiling point. And this point was caused by riots in Poland and our gouging on the field. I always said that soccer is a sport for cattle. Well, show me at least one video of the mass fight of hockey fans? Show me that at least in one hockey club the arrival of a legionnaire was met by throwing bananas on the field. Or, perhaps, you will remember at least one world hockey championship, where was the amount of police and riots that was in Poland now?

Show me at least one hockey player of the Russian national team, which would also be as optimistic about the game as half of our national soccer team. For a long time, you can all do it, but it makes no sense. Can you imagine what will happen if the guy and the girl with the scarves of FC “Zenit” or “Dinamo” sit on the fan sector of FC “Spartak”? And we are here with his wife quietly go to ANY matches in the regular season CHL in ANY cities.

The bad side of tournaments

Let’s start, perhaps, with major tournaments. What is Euro-2012? How was the group stage at the 2010 World Ice Hockey Championship? Seven meetings with seven different teams, to victory, where in every match the best is found out. We look at the Euro. Three matches. It is worth one to admit a stupid mistake, lose, and if tomorrow you have a match with Germany or Spain, then you are already automatically past the playoffs.

Well, it would be three matches, but look at the points system. Three points for the victory. And for a draw one by one. Question – where did you put one more point? In hockey, you either won or lost. Won – you are stronger, therefore, deserved two points, and the opponent is one. It is all about simple rules. For example, even online casino games are simpler. Don’t believe me? Try this page and prove me wrong. If only sport was just as simple.

Now we pass to the game process itself. Explain to me, the idiot, why it is impossible to save soccer from such a boring sight as “toddler”, when one team leads in the account, begins to change the players who come out on the field at the speed of the turtle, fall from the slightest touch and kick the ball anywhere?

Furthermore, what is the “added time at the judge’s discretion”? Why can you not stop the stopwatch at each stop, so as not to create such moments? I have one friend – a professional soccer player. So, believe me, you need to have ferro-concrete nerves, so as not to ruffle over the head to the opponent, who begins to pull the game in this way.


goals football

Why there are no video replay in soccer? Well, scored the same Ukrainians at the Euro in the gates of England! Purely scored. For me, like a hockey fan such things are generally nonsense! Well, the judge did not show up at the gate. Well, I did not. Well, I did not understand, there was a goal there … But okay, there was not, to hell with it. Another scoring.

After all, soccer goals fly one after another. What does it mean? What kind of fair sport can you talk about in this situation? In hockey, each goal is disagreed for 2-3 minutes on three different cameras, and if the match is important, then the decision of 10-20 minutes may be delayed (remember the first match of “Dynamo” – SKA in this playoffs).


Well, of course, this is not an indicator, but I could not attribute it here. Soccer – a huge field, which runs at the end of the very tired players, and even then, not all run at once. Low speed games, no spectacular and beautiful things such as power tricks and collisions. Well, again, when the same people run all 90 minutes around the field, they get tired a bit, and there’s no talk of entertainment.

The factor of the goalkeeper

Yes, of course, again, this does not mean sports in general, but any adequate person who is versed in both sports knows perfectly well that a penalty is almost always an accident. I’m not talking about leaving 1 on 1 in soccer, when the goalkeeper has almost no chance. With the exit 2 in 1, the chances of the goalkeeper are zero. In hockey they have, moreover real.

Injuries and collisions

The coward does not play hockey, that’s for sure. Yes, there are injuries both there and there. And I’m by no means saying that hockey is cool only because people are boarded there. But, really, I hate watching how many players start to fall from the slightest push, begging for a penalty and dying of pain at the slightest touch.

Game discipline

How often can a team in soccer have an advantage over another due to better discipline? In other words, how often do they remove them from soccer? I think, you know. And in hockey? You cannot keep emotions with you – be kind, give the enemy the opportunity to punish you in the majority. As for me, it’s more rational.


hockey referee

You will excuse me, but one chief referee on a huge field is a little insufficient. Especially since in hockey on a small box as many as two main arbiters. Yes, and the interpretation of the rules, you know,in hockey is much more clearly defined.

Coach factor

Again, the coach is the coach only before the match and in the locker room. And during the game, he plays a maximum in a deaf phone, passing the player closest to him in the ear, what he wants to tell the others. And then a deaf phone flies across the soccer field.

In hockey, the coach can communicate with the players every second, moreover (this is again about the spectacle) remember these magnificent moments when the coach takes a time-out, removes the goalkeeper, the team goes all-in and compares the score for half a minute to the end. What emotions are these!

Results, small additions

Support groups at hockey matches delight the eyes of the audience, there is always a talisman of the club. Fans behave more culturally, abusive people do not yell about their team. Each hockey match is a holiday and a show that starts 5-10 minutes before the match starts, the team’s anthem, a match of all the stars, a video cube above the arena, which always and let everyone know the time, watch video replays of controversial and beautiful moments.

In every game, it is MANDATORY that someone wins. Scores 0: 0 – the wildest rarity, and the audience always gets the joy of the goal scored. The advantages of hockey can be listed simply endlessly. And you can cheer for people who think that they do not owe us anything. You can root for people who believe that if they do not put on the field, it’s our problems with you.

But you can cheer for the men who, under their space contracts, always put on 150% and are ready to fly to the next day after the end of the domestic championship, just to play for the national team.