Top Soccer stadiums in the World

Good players, fans, coaches and the staffs make the team great, but stadiums are also an essential part of soccer without which it wouldn’t be complete. A great stadium with lush green grasses, comfortable and luxurious seats for fans, coaches, staffs, good atmosphere and lights all makeup for a good stadium. Hence here we have a list of top soccer stadiums in the world.

Wembley Stadium, England:

The Wembley Stadium located in London is well known for its history to it since it is the place where soccer started gaining its popularity. The stadium has a partly retractable roof and the arch one of the pride of the stadium. It was rebuilt in 2007 and hosts the national and international games. The stadium is also the second largest stadium having a capacity of 90,000. The finals for Champions League, FA cup, Olympic Football, League cup and Community Shield have been held in the stadium.

Old Trafford, England:

The Old Trafford is home to one of the greatest football clubs Manchester United. The stadium is also known as the Theatre of Dreams, and it lives up to its name. Established in 1910, it has a capacity of over 75,000 and is the largest stadium of clubs in England.

Allianz Arena, Germany:

Another great stadium in the world is the Allianz Arena which is home to one of the famous football clubs Bayern Munich. It has a modern and unique design which is beautiful. The view at night is even more spectacular. Allianz Arena was built in 2005 and can hold over 70,000 spectators. It is visually appealing and is famous for the two colours often used to light up the stadium- red for Bayern and blue for Munich.

Camp Nou, Spain:

Home to one of the top clubs Barcelona in Spain is Camp Nou. Having a capacity of 99,786, Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Europe. It has hosted Champions League, World Cup and more. It was built in the 1957 and has a beautiful retro design.

Santiago Bernabeu:

Santiago Bernabeu is home to Real Madrid and is one of the best stadiums in the world. Although both Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu are both located in Spain, Santiago Bernabeu has been preferred more often for international games. It was opened way back in 1947. The stadium has been renovated twice, and it has seen various great changes making it one of the top stadiums. It has a capacity of 85,454 spectators.

San Siro, Italy:

Italy can proudly boast of its beautiful stadium San Siro located in Milan and home to AC Milan and Internazionale. It is well known for its beautiful big columns and the roof. San Siro is also famous for of its seating design which was planned in such a way that everyone can get a good view no matter where they sit. It has a capacity of over 80,000 spectators and hosts national and international matches.